Choose your grind

From whole beans for those with a grinder at home to espresso, let us know how you'd like your coffee ground

Flavour profile
Grind size

Whole bean


A fine grind for the home espresso machine. If you are lucky enough to have a commercial machine at home email us known as with higher pressures it is often better to go even finer.

Moka pot

Call it a Moka pot or a stove top - we grind it fine but coarser than espresso.


Whether it is a Aeropress or similar device we grind a bit coarser than for a Moka pot.


A filter grind should be good for your smaller batch brews, chemex, V60, or other filter coffee makers. If you are making larger brews (2 Litres or more) you might want to try the Cafetiere grind.


Cafetiere or French Press is our coarsest grind we offer but feel free to ask us to grind coarser if you need.